Association of Firms

Assignment based target oriented Technical expert team members, resources, facilities and necessary support is readily available from Group Partner Firms to achieve assured project goal defined by the Customer.

Partners, Collaborators, Agencies, Representation and Association

DE’s business strategy includes forming partnerships with other companies with which there is significant synergy to meet technological challenges and customer demands.
This helps to bring together all the disciplines necessary for the design, analysis, development, testing, certification and introduction of products and to deliver projects as per the customer requirements.
Some typical institutions with us have all been relevant Organizations in the engine, transmission, driveline, emission control, vehicle product development field and operating worldwide.

Authorised Representation :

Ino8 Pty Ltd., Australia

Vision of Ino8 : Invent and Develop Safe, Clean, and Affordable Technologies and Commercialize them.

Ino8’s mission is to invent the world’s safest and cleanest vehicle technologies and turn them into reality. Ino8 supports vehicle manufactures, component suppliers, industry associations and individuals with engineering services, inventions and training. Ino8 has a global presence through representation in China by Isis Innovation, in Germany through Steinbeis

Ino8 has developed the patented heat management process that keeps the engine cool in the parts where NOx emissions are generated, but warms other parts of the engine up where heat would otherwise be wasted.

Safe8™ is an automatic balance control that enables a new generation of leaning vehicles. Safe and comfortable like a car, and small and fun like motorcycles, but more efficient and affordable.

OVER8™ is a heat management system that reduces CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by over 8% at a fraction of the cost of hybrids. Affordable CO2 reductions for everyone. One of the world’s largest car manufacturers has just started testing Ino8’s thermal management invention.

RDE8™ is an engine control strategy that reduces NOx emissions during real world driving. RDE8™ eliminates the risk for the engine control unit to be classified as a defeat device.

Invent8™ is a structured inventing process that you won’t forget. With simple, easy to remember principles that can be applied in a systematic way to any situation.

Ino8’s Proposals helps to reduce NOx Emissions
for NEDC, US06, FTP- and RDE-Tests, reduce Fuel Consumption, optimum EGR Strategy, optimum Cooling Strategy
and NOx Emissions reduction

Up to 70% lower NOx emissions and 8% better fuel economy achieved by advanced thermal management from Ino8, without need of any defeat device.

Authorized Agent :

NUMECA International, Belgium

NUMECA has been providing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software, grid generation systems and consulting services worldwide since 1993. NUMECA’s software systems are used for the simulation, design, and optimization of fluid flow and heat transfer. They are used by product developers and design and research engineers, allowing them to reach superior product quality and performances, at a reduced engineering cost.
NUMECA International Corporate Headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium with offices, resellers and service centers in the USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Belgium and distributors in Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
NUMECA has been the first to introduce the following Technologies:

  • FIRST in automatic grid generator for turbo-machinery With AutoGrid5™
  • FIRST in unstructured full hexahedral grid generation: HEXPRESS™
  • FIRST in automatic grid generation & integrated CAD Cleaning for extremely complex geometries: HEXPRESS™/ Hybrid
  • FIRST for full unsteady rotor-stator interactions, with Gains of 1 to 3 orders of magnitude in CPU time: NLH Module (Nonlinear Harmonic)
  • FIRST for impressive gain in convergence speed, up to 3-5: CPU-Booster™
  • FIRST in commercial Open CFD environment: OpenLabs™
  • FIRST to introduce a tool for Uncertainty Quantification: UQ Module
  • FIRST to offer a fully coupled and integrated CFD + acoustic Propagation software system: FINE™/Acoustics
  • FIRST in offering a new design system, from preliminary 1D to 2D and full 3D, including multi-objective optimization At all stages of this process, in Auto Design™. Application-driven Grid Generation and CFD Software NUMECA’s product strategy is based on the development of automated, integrated and customized software Systems allowing optimal and rapid simulation, design and optimization. Our software closely follows industry Requirements and needs:
  • In grid generation, with Auto Mesh TM, covering the whole range of applications with tuned meshing solutions, as the pre-processor of most commercial CFD tools.
  • In CFD, with FINETM/Turbo, FINETM/Open with Open Labs TM, and FINETM/Marine, dedicated respectively to Turbo-machinery, Aeronautics, Automotive, Multi-Physics and Marine applications.
  • In design and optimization with FINETM/Design3D.

Authorized Representations -International

Ultimate Transmissions, Australia

Ultimate Transmissions is the world leader in the design of “Double Roller Full Toroidal Variators” or DFTV the control method called “Direct Roller Steering” or DRS, and the application of these designs and methods to Infinitely Variable Transmissions or IVT.


  • The design of the i4-IVT is based on the use of a CVT combined with two epicyclic gear-sets and one clutch.
  • The CVT is a Double Roller Full Toroidal Variator (DFTV) developed by Ultimate Transmissions.
  • It has a power density over three times that of a Single Roller Full Toroidal Variator (SFTV) around double the ratio spread and with much greater efficiency.
  • It has several features that make it ideal for incorporation into an IVT:


  • it is highly efficient:
  • it can exhibit a high ratio spread:
  • it is highly power dense:
  • it can be ratio controlled:

for more information visit: or;M J Durack at m.durack@

Authorized Representations -International

Weifang FuYuan Turbocharger Co. Ltd., China; Website:

  • Weifang FuYuan Turbochargers Co., Ltd. was founded in 1972. It is a national high-tech enterprises with total asset of RMB350 million. It’s one of the most professional turbocharger manufacturers in China.
  • In China, FuYuan is the only turbocharger manufacturer who can produce multi-purpose, full range of turbocharger products with power range from 50kw to 4600kw.
  • According to application, the products can be divided into passenger vehicle, commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, marine and generation turbocharger. According to fuel type, they can be used on gasoline engine, diesel engine and gas engine.
  • Our latest SH serial turbocharger has reached the internationally advanced technology. Our project -“IC Engine Full Condition High Pressure charging Key Technology and Engineering Application” was awarded National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize in 2013.
  • It breaks through the monopoly in high pressure charging technology.
  • FuYuan products can replace foreign products directly.
  • During past years, FuYuan is committed to turbocharger technology development. We have modern technical center and first-class laboratory in China which enable us the ability to developing turbocharger at the same time of engine development.
  • The whole process of product design, tooling design, casting, machining and assembly ensures our product quality and technology advancement.
  • FuYuan is among the first to pass ISO9001: 2008, ISO / TS16949: 2009, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS18001: 2007 and ISO10012: 2003 in the industry.
  • We always insist in “providing satisfactory service to customers” as our enterprise philosophy. We set up sales and after sale service centers in many provinces and cities, which eliminate customers’ concern of after service.
  • Adhering to independent innovation, focus on turbocharger technology development, FuYuan aims to develop into an advanced turbocharger manufacturer in the world.
  • Products: Vehicle Turbochargers;Truck Turbochargers;Engineering Machinery,Generator Units;Marine Turbochargers;Other Turbochargers

Assignment Based Collaboration, Joint Support Group, Association, Membership :

Probiz Innovations, Pune, Technology and Innovations Company offering “Operational Consultancy Services” and “Technology Solutions”. It has been engaged in various Automotive Programmes/product developments by way of closely working with Auto OEM’s and Automotive Tier 1’s.

Devise Electronics, Pune. Devise works in the domain of electronics product development and services focusing on the niche segment of automotive electronics. Devise leads research and development activities across the space of the automotive industry. Devise caters to the gaps in the industry, there-by enabling OEMs and Tier 1’s to launch their electronics and electronics assisted products with supreme quality while being prudent in the engineering process and cost. Devise also supports electronics product development across domains. We conduct a wide variety of training directly or with our partners.,

Alternative Innovations Pvt Ltd, Faridabad, (
Dr. G K Sharma, Chairman, Alternative Innovations, is formerly Director, Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT) Pune, Director iCAT and Director (Technical) NATRiP. He has been a consultant to Southwest Research Institute USA and currently Technical advisor to Haldor Topsoe, Denmark.
Address: Alternative Innovations Pvt Ltd,
Regd. office: 182, sector-8, Faridabad-121006
Works: Ai, Opposite Adani CNG pump, Sector-9 Bye-pass road Faridabad-121006
Tel/Fax: +91 129 4168533
Cell: +91 9818856444
Alternative Innovations Private Limited (Ai) was founded in September 2011 and promoted by board of directors to do scientific project work and consultancy in Automotive Engineering, Alternative fuels, Tribology, lubrication engineering, etc. as several team members of the company have many years of experience in these areas.
Ai is retained by DSi, Belgium for business development for use of Radio-Tracers techniques for the measurement of Oil consumption, Fuel dilution, ATD fouling and also wears measurement in engineering components.
Ai has collaboration with Micron Scientific, Australia for “Oil-Advantage” an in-line Oil Condition monitoring system.
Ai has collaboration with Sierra Research, USA for EPA and CARB certification of engines. In the past, AI also had collaboration with Westport Inc. Canada in the field of dual fuel technologies.

Metamorphosis Engineering and Skill Development Services OPC Private Limited, Chennai,

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai,, Member of Centre of Excellence (COE), Automotive Vertical

3D Magic Info solution Private Limited, Pune. Offering a wide array of services including CMM Inspection Services, 3D Scanning Services, Reverse Engineering, Product Design and Development, Prototyping, Mold Flow Analysis, Styling and Class a Surfacing etc. Email:,,

CAPCP India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. An Indian bench marking company established in Chennai – India in 2013.Full-service provider of competitive bench marking and tear down analysis. Assisting vehicle manufactures and tire one supplier for product and process bench marking. In depth automotive market intelligence for cost effective bench marking. Expertise in automotive parts and systems for structured analysis. capping,

Rheomold Engineering Solutions, Pune. Founded in 2010 is a leading service provider in Computer Aided Design-CAD, Computer Aided Engineering-CAE (Mold flow, Structural, and Thermal &NVH) and Computational fluid dynamics-CFD all under one roof.

NAISSANCE-I, Pune, CAD/CAM Services, Engineering Design, Training.

Speed Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune. Speed Engineering offers a range of services for new product design, development and optimization. Our service offerings include Product Design, Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and niche services such as Rotor Dynamics and Failure investigations.

Engagement Participation for Automotive Business Vertical with the Global Leading Management Consultant, having headquarters in the United Kingdom and Offices in all major Countries.
Engagement Participation for Automotive Business Vertical with a global top leading management Consulting Firm, doing business over nearly a century, that serves leading businesses, governments, nongovernmental organizations etc. Headquartered in the United States, and branches in all major countries, helping clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals.