Digipower Engineers provides impartial, independent, confidential and genuine accurate advice, pioneering technical and commercial services to engine and transmission manufacturers, institutions, users and suppliers in the automotive power train and engineering domain. Typical areas are new engine and transmission development, updating /upgrading, performance improvement such as real world performance, emission, fuel economy, total cost of ownership(TCO) and problem solution for in-house and in-service component failures at competitive quality, cost and delivery.

Digipower Engineer’s multi-talented expert potential offers to work efficiently and effectively for advanced innovative practical technologies for best in class specification and architectural level of engineering systems, processes and machines, whilst considering the impact to the individual components, subsystems, assemblies, functions  they intended for meeting profitable business strategies. Our highly multi-skilled collaborative partner teams are versed in the optimization of designs for performance, emission(Euro VI/BS VI and beyond),Real Driving Emissions (RDE), best in class fuel efficiency, optimum energy conversion, durability, alternative powertrains, ease of manufacturing, optimum production costs, servicing.

We as a combined team have proven process of creating world class track record of developing high class products from concept to production, using a combination of hands on experience, cutting edge design, modern multi-science analysis tools, process management and problem solving techniques.

We give attention and focus on identifying possibilities for improvements for current and advanced new products in the design, analysis, FEA, CAE, CFD, NVH, emission, validation, durability, certification, manufacturing practices, customer care, warranty and general innovation, often transferring inventions, ideas and processes between various industry sectors. We consistently advise and help our clients on challenging opportunities for capturing the intellectual property rights, patents, design rights developed as part of joint work, leading to improved product positioning, attractiveness, satisfaction and leading strength in the competitive customer environment.

Engines Design, Analysis, Emission Control, Procurement, Introduction, Customer Care, Value Engineering

Thermodynamics, energy generation, combustion optimization, emission control, calibration, management, application and storage solutions for Gasoline, Diesel, Alternate Fuel Electric, Hybrid, Fuel Cell for Applications in Automotive,2 and three wheeler, Light Commercial, Passenger, Heavy Commercial, Tractor, Electrical Power Generating Sets, Marine, Industrial, Conventional, non conventional, renewable and modern technologies.

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Digipower Engineers have experience in the design of modern internal combustion engines for a wide variety of market and customer needs, from motorcycles, 3 wheelers, to passenger cars, heavy duty (on road and off-road),agricultural, tractor, marine, industrial, power generation and several others as per customer demands. Some typical examples of various projects handled by our combined expert team during working experience are:
1. Contribution for powertrain in successful best in class award winning Intermediate Commercial Vehicles ,Heavy Commercial Vehicles with BS III, BS IV,Euro V CNG range of buses and trucks for local and export markets.
2. Achieving BS IV emissions with Inline Fuel Injection Pump and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) instead of Common Rail Direct Injection Pump and Selective Catalytic Reactor(SCR).
3. A range of single and multi-cylinder gasoline, diesel, alternate fuel, hybrid research and production engines with high Brake Mean Effective Pressure (BMEP) and heavy thermal loading capability.
4. Clean sheet design and technology demonstration of 150 cc 4 stroke hybrid gasoline electric powertrain for 3 wheeler application, completed within 15 months.
5. Design modification, testing and production release of 2 liter CRDI Euro IV engine from collaborator from Automotive to electrical power generating sets.
6. Complete new concept to field testing of clean sheet design and technology demonstration of 150 cc 4 stroke liquid cooled gasoline engine for hybrid electric 3 wheeler.
7. Design modification, performance and emission optimization, testing and production release of 2.4 liter indirect injection (IDI) from collaborator to direct injection (DI) engine for Aomotive, tractor application
8. Innovative technologies on Cylinder Deactivation, Variable Valve Timing, Waste Heat Recovery, Engine Start-Stop Technology, Thermal Efficiency Improvement, Friction Reduction, Accessory power optimization, turbo compounding.

Gear Box, Drivetrain, Driveline

1. First time in the history of Company, the own in-house clean sheet design and development of 1000 Nm 6 speed manual transmission(MT), upgradable to automanual transmission(AMT) for medium and heavy commercial vehicles at lowest cost.

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2. Introduction of Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT), drivability and fuel consumption optimization with, Antilock Braking System (ABS), organic diaphragm clutch, axle, tire, components and models variety reduction.
3. 5 Forward and 1 Reverse gear Box and 4X4 Transfer case with centre differential, ECU, wet clutch for on the fly automatic switching over from 2 Wheel Drive to 4 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive, High and Low gears on running Sports Utility Vehicle for Export market.
4. Introduction of Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT), adaptation to existing 6 speed gear box, with pneumatic controller in place of hydraulic controller, drivability, grad ability, uphill and downhill performance and fuel consumption optimization.
5. New first of its kind design of modern Synchromesh 5 Forward 1 Reverse gear transaxle (gear box with integrated differential) with unique gear shift mechanism for 4-wheeler Light Commercial Vehicle.
6. Sequential shift sliding mesh and synchromesh wet and dry clutch transaxles, gear boxes,4/5/6/9/12/16 speed, front and rear mounted , wet and dry clutch for 4 and 3 wheeler vehicle,2 Forward 1 Reverse gear marine gear box, Manual, Automated Manual, Automatic, auto clutch, dual clutch, Hybrid , electric, continuously variable, differential, drive shafts, axles, wheels, brakes.

Performance and Emission

Target Specifications, global benchmarking databank, analysis, assessment, design, procurement, development, testing, emission control, calibration, certification, validation:

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Applying our expert skills in powertrain design, analysis and modeling (thermodynamic, combustion, fluid flow and mechanical) in combination with our track record practical experience in selection and the design of powertrain systems, we are able to construct mathematical models of the total system. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the complex loadings, mechanical, thermal, gas exchange process, noise, vibrations, and harshness emanating from the combination of reciprocating and rotating machinery. Performance, mechanical and thermal analysis, pollutant formation of the total system enables the best engineering of products with an optimum balance of basic technologies at target cost.
Activities consists of supplier identification and finalization, parts procurement, inspection, prototype assembly, Mechanical Development, thermal development, cooling, lubrication, intake and exhaust systems, combustion system, fuel injection system, emission control systems, after treatments, CATCON, DPF, SCR, EGR, Performance plots, failure analysis and resolution,durability,B10 life, testing for worldwide driving cycles and emission standards, release for production, field complaints resolution, conformity of production (COP) etc.

New Product Development (NPD), New Product Introduction (NPI), Programme Management (PM)

Advanced Technologies for New Product Development, Programme Management

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Customized Solution Package: Our processes for model based development of powertrain mechanicals, thermal, simulation techniques, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, control, and software can be customized to the unique business and product requirements.
1. Bench marking, Selection of optimum engine / transmission/driveline for the program through benchmark
studies, Market Research, intelligent idea generation, dimensions, features, material, weight, zero base costing, manufacturing process, assembly, Teardown analysis, disassembly, torques, settings, check points, wear limit, power to weight ratio.
2. Voice of customers, target quality table, performance plots, programme management, stage gate process, concept, layout, assembly, integration
3. Analysis, CAE, CFD, softwares, mechanical calculations, DFA, DFM, DFMEA, PDM, PLM, bottleneck engineering
4. Design release, 3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings with GD&T, stack up tolerances material, heat treatment, PPAP, assembly procedure, end of line testing, rejection control
Component function, feature, special characteristics analysis and recommendations.
5. Prototype builds, component sourcing, costing, weight, acceptance criteria.
6. Testing, calibration, optimization, certification, on rig and on road testing, validation, durability, failure analysis and control.
7. Introduction, resolving manufacturing issues, sign off, mass production and field support
Service, maintenance, warranty and Training.
8. Product catalogue, spare parts list, developed views, bill of materials
Rejection Elimination.

Vehicles, Hybrids, Alternate Powertrains

Advanced Innovative Vehicles Design, Testing, Failure Analysis, Performance – Prime mover, drive train, driveline and drive cycle optimization

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Hybridisation, fuel cell and electrification of powertrains to meet ever stringent current and future global emission regulations. Powertrain Technology, with a in depth knowledge of engine, accessories, systems design and drive cycle simulation experience, is able to offer the range of services including:
1. Concept, design, analysis, development, testing of downsized, down speeded engines.
2. Design modifications, prototype build, testing, certification and implementation of emission reduction strategies, with specialist technologies for consistent on road real world driving performance.
3. Integration of engines with various combinations of hybrid powertrains.
4. Selection, sourcing, costing of electric motors, controllers, sensors and battery storage
5. Fuel Cell, hydrogen and other alternate power plant selection and application.
6. Drive cycle simulation, on road real world performance, optimization, certification of powertrains

Electronics, Electricals and Mechatronics

Design, development and implementation of Engine/Electronic Control Unit (ECU),Transmission Control Unit (TCU),software, coding, language, datasets, programming, on board Diagnostics(OBD),electronic speed governing, sensors etc.

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Digipower Engineers offers services in advanced electrical, electronics, hydraulics, mechanotrics, and software systems for a variety of industries, including automotive, oil and gas, screw compressors, energy generation, alternate power plants etc. Support covers from small-scale analysis and evaluation, mini projects, demonstration assignments through to large-scale turn key projects requiring design, prototyping, testing, optimization, problem solving, validation, introduction to customer etc.
We can design, develop, test, find right source for a wide range of instruments, sensors, detecting and indicating devices, actuators, batteries, electrical ,mechatronic, electronics machines, speed governors, systems etc.
From input information, data, preliminary testing, we analyze and find appropriate solutions for special problems, complaints, difficult applications, generally starting from basics and by modifying and developing new technologies to overcome performance barriers.
We have various softwares, modern techniques, automated methods to speed up the design and analysis process, helping clients to meet their tight deadlines quickly.
As we are independent technology consultants, our strict confidential services enables total flexibility with concept, ideas, design, patents, legacy data conversion and joint ownership with customers as the case may be.

Test rigs

Test Bed Equipment Selection, features, calculation, instrumentation, programming, budgeting, installation, commissioning, fault correction, annual maintenance. We help to create rig testing solutions close to real world driving conditions which minimize development cost, time, and efforts whilst maximizing the technical return on testing activities.
Complete turnkey solutions for product development, from proof of concept to durability testing

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Digipower Engineers in association with experts has a wealth of experience in the specification, design, procurement, calibration, commissioning, installation, problem solving and trouble free operation of a variety of test rigs, special purpose machines, equipments, instruments for proof of concept, product development, calibration, optimization, emission certification, homologation, durability, reliability and sign-off. Some examples of our support work are:
Gear box, transaxle test rig for performance, quality, lubrication, efficiency, durability, simulation of on road driving conditions, end of line testing.
Rear axle and 4X4 transfer case test rig for performance, differential function, quality, lubrication, efficiency, durability, simulation of on road driving conditions, end of line testing.
Emission test bed equipment, chassis dynamometer, dynamic test bed

Business Development

Business options, decision, analysis, advise and support

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  • Business Analysis
  • Market Research (MR)
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Case Recommendations
  • Emerging Markets
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Effective Entry Strategy
  • Brand Building
  • Return on Investment

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Understanding of representation for a Patented Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) for (a) Automotive (b) Hybrid (c) Electric (d) Electric Power Gen set.

Analysis, CAE and CFD

We undertake analysis of various components, assemblies, systems, flows etc by high level softwares to do mechanical, thermal etc. modes, benchmarking, and maximum accuracy as per product and customer requirements.

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We have authorized Agency and representation of highly advanced competitive global analysis softwares and services in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).These softwares, relevant modules are available for sale, licenses at competitive optimum prices to have value for money and advanced technology.

Integration of Power train to vehicle, packaging, critical clearances, calculations, analysis and simulation

Integration of powertrain and drive train for complete vehicle to meet target rig, emission and road performance along with total vehicle dynamics, efficiency, tensional vibrations and NVH Analysis and resolution.

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For hybrid powertrain, further integration and simulation considering the complexity of drive trains, the design and analysis and best matching to produce a technically competitive product within project budget and market price as per customer demands. We have a range of skills and experience including:

1. Vehicle, engine, transmission and driveline dynamic drive cycle simulation, Gear Ratio Optimization, Progression, Gear Shift Quality Assessment(GSQA), synchronization, performance matching, clutch dynamics, lubrication, Selection of tools, cutters, machines, jigs, fixtures, gauges, checkpoints.

2. Benchmarking, specification, design, analysis and integration of drive train and driveline components with vehicle packages, gear boxes for marine, electric, hybrid, industrial applications

3. Turnkey Test Facility creation for complete drive train, clutch, gear box, propeller shaft,4X4 transfer case, power take off, single and twin speed rear axle, axle driveline testing. Calculation, selection, budgeting, commissioning, performance analysis, interpretation, validation, durability, efficiency, end of line testing etc.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Management

Alternative Energy generation, conversion, management, application

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The use of conventional and alternate energy is a continuous demand for current and future, with increased focus on inventing highly efficient and cost competitive environment friendly solutions. The experienced members at DE have expertise in advanced engines and alternative energy applications. Our skills in thermodynamics, combustion, computational analysis, electronics, hydraulics, wind, solar, alternate fuels like CNG, LPG, LNG, Hydrogen, alcohol, coal, vegetable oils, compressed air and multiphysics analysis provides a range of engineering services in various sectors.

Innovative Technologies

Innovation in the automotive powertrain engineering across the globe continues to gain impetus from the increasing demands of regulators and consumers. It is vital for the powertrain value chain to be lean, cost effective and agile to contribute to profitable growth for enterprises. Digipower Engineers have authorized representation of global technologies to meet technological current and future challenges:

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Euro VI/Euro 6 emission standards compliance with dramatic reduction in Nox and fuel consumption.

Patented global proven technologies approved and adapted by leading manufacturers to meet Euro VI/Euro 6 emission norms with substantial reduction in Nox, CO2 and fuel consumption in real driving environment (RDE) without need of any defeat devices. This technology also have extended application to electric power generating sets, stationary, industrial, marine and other Engine Applications. Retrofitting advanced vehicle technologies to existing vehicles

Engine Cylinder Deactivation

Variable Valve Timing

Turbo compounding

Waste Heat Recovery

Engine Start-Stop Technology

Thermal Efficiency Improvement

Powertrain Efficiency Improvement

HVAC-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVAC solutions

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Optimum interaction between a vehicles’ powertrain and the ancillaries required to provide an effective HVAC system which have a major impact on vehicle efficiency due to parasitic drive losses, environment and thermal effects. Addition to these technologies such as start/stop, heating/cooling, variable coolant pumps and switchable oil circuits needs to be managed to ensure the comfort of the occupants without affecting vehicle performance. We have a range of experience with these technologies, including:
1. HVAC system matching within vehicle modeling environments
2. Data, analysis and knowledge of current and future HVAC systems
3. Efficient selection, design, specification, calculation of ancillary components required for HVAC
4. Adaptation with power train cooling, gas exchange and lubrication systems.

Screw Compressors

Turnkey project to set up manufacturing plant, service, recondition of screw air compressors with advanced titanium disulphide and Teflon coating on air screw elements for consistent performance, reliability and durability.