The expert design team in association with Digipower Engineers has accumulated combined several man-years of experience on high volume mass production projects for multiple manufacturers worldwide. Our knowledge of basic engineering, design,3D models and 2D manufacturing drawings, GD&T, Stackup tolerances, material, analysis, calibration, testing, emission, certification, materials, manufacturing processes, quality control, production requirements, customer support is applied to projects of all varieties, ranging from the smallest component to a full clean-sheet product family design from concept to production to customer release.We can take up work at our premises maintaining strict confidentiality or depute our expert teams at customer site/locations.

Following are some of areas of expertise:

Product Feasibility Studies

Competition,Product Positioning,Strategy, Return on Investment, Product Lifecycle, Technology, Patents, Design Registration and Intelectual Property analysis and recommendations

Our multi-discipline multi-skilled team has the thorough expertise required to critically review and offer genuine guidance on customer designs, innovations, bench marking, best in class product knowledge, concerns, pain points and technology:

On and Off Highway Vehicles

Benchmarking, Design, analysis, testing, emission control, failure analysis of powertrains for on and off highway vehicle applications. Our multi skilled team has wide range of expertise to understand, critically analyze, review and offer genuine economical guidance on customer designs, innovations and technologies:
Detailed knowledge of current and future legislation, certifications, approvals, homologation, safety, quality, cost and market drivers for competitive product range.
On the hand in depth experience of current technologies, inventions, innovations and solutions, specializing in advanced engine, drive train and vehicle design.
Access to extensive benchmarking and global databank information on engine, components, systems, dimension, tolerances, material, fuel consumption, friction, thermal balance, combustion, calibration, optimization, emission, validation, reliability etc.
Capability to create superior functional specifications targeting customer innovations, technologies, commercial and technical feasibility, product lifecycle management to market demands.
Our group partners have licenses for multiple industry standard design, analysis, simulations packages, including:

  • Matlab/Simulink
  • GT-Suite (mulitphysics), GT Power, AVL and Ricardo Softwares
  • ANSYS (FEA), mechanical, thermal
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluent, Numeca, CD Adapco (Star CD), Converge
  • Creo, Catia, Autocad
  • NX, Mould flow, PLM, PDM, Wind-chill
  • Solidworks
  • Kisssoft, Romax

Training and Career Development

Learning and skill development to enhance performance of individual, team, organization
Expert training in soft and technical skill development, competency building, certification and business growth. Following are few areas of productive value added training:
Engines for Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Power Generation and other Applications
Transmissions including Gear Boxes, Transaxles, Axles, All Wheel Drive, Manual(MT),Automatic Manual(AMT),Automatic(AT),Dual Clutch(DCT),Continuously Variable(CVT), Hybrid, Electric etc.
Performance and Emission Testing, Calibration, Optimization, Certification, Validation

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Fuel Efficiency Improvement
  • Alternate Powertrains
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Engineering Design Softwares
  • Engineering Analysis Softwares
  • ISO, TS and other Certification
  • Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Productivity Improvement
  • Measurements, Test Rigs, Instrumentation, Test Cycle Simulation
  • Benchmarking, component and feature analysis, Intelligent Idea Generation
  • Programme and Project Management
  • Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Geometry Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T), stack up tolerances, significant and critical characteristics.
  • Quality and Statistical Thinking
  • Vehicle Electronics
  • Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • Basic Design Guidelines for powertrain Components and systems
  • Value Analysis and Value Engineering
  • Engine Intake and Exhaust Ports, Manifolds Design, Testing, Production Consistency
  • Engine Combustion Chamber, Piston Bowl, Fuel Injection Equipment Optimization, CRDI, Turbocharging.
  • Engine Exhaust after Treatment Systems

Advise on Talent Acquisition

Best match and perfect fit of best in class resources to deliver results
Now a days, getting productive effective talent for long term mutual association, contribution  is the toughest challenge every Industry is dealing with this. With ever increasing focus on searching for highly efficient and effective candidate and organization, we analyze mutual interest, evaluate performance, do reference and background checking, confirm credentials, make conclusion and recommendations for true and fair  advise on both sides to take appropriate beneficial decision.
We have and we continue to get regularly competitive resumes and get vacancy requirements from the Industries to be filled in with appropriate potential and expert skills to achieve defined short and long term target from the prospective candidates.