Success Way to Move Forward:

  1. Communication, Introduction, Technical Presentation, Discussion, Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  2. Request for proposal (RFP),Specifications of Requirement (SOR),Request for Quotation(RFQ) from Customer with current baseline levels and target technical, performance, on road performance, durability, safety and emission specifications, deliverables, expectations,various options etc.
  3. Understanding requirement, queries, communication, discussion, clarification and joint agreement on specified targets.
  4. Technical Project Proposal by Digipower Engineers with achievable targets, selected modules, activitywise responsibilities, timeline, phasewise deliverables, allocation of programme managers and technical teams from both sides.
  5. Discussion, presentation, joint agreement and signing of mutually finalised technical terms and conditions, targets, deliverables, responsibilities, job sharing (RASSIC Chart), timeline.
  6. Submission of Technical Proposal by Digipower based on final agreed technical specifications, selected method/module and project deliverables, including commercial details at each phase of Project, stagewise payment terms and conditions.
  7. Understanding proposal, communication, discussion, clarification, joint agreement and signing of final techno-commercial proposal
  8. Project kick-off meeting
  9. Exchange of technical data, documents, drawings, analysis, past history, details, parts etc. needed for the project
  10. Start of the project activities as per agreed plan
  11. Layout, modification, design of agreed technology package, technical specifications, release of drawings for prototype build
  12. Vendor selection ,clarification on manufacturing and quality issues, component procurement ,inspection , approval
  13. Prototype build of agreed final version, build data and specification documents, final inspection
  14. Performance on test bed,test rigs and on road, test data collection and analysis, safety parameters, emission testing for base and modified engine/transmission/vehicle etc. along with representative of customer
  15. Agreement and signing of test results
  16. Further tests with joint agreement, like durability,B10 life, safety, component life, warranty specification
  17. Royalty/License Fee payment agreement based on yearly production volumes as applicable.
  18. Final signing, exchange of documents, clearance of final payment and closure of the Project.
  19. If needed further agreement for support in Field, resolution of customer issues, failure analysis, preventive and corrective action, warranty.